Guerrilla Wet Painting Carriers™

Adjustable Wet Painting Carriers

Adjustable Wet Painting Carriers
The Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier can hold 12 wet panels (.125" or .25") or four stretched canvases, or carry a mixture of both. The removable dividers allow you to change from panels to stretched canvases. The Panel Adapters allow you to carry smaller panels as well. Made of strong, lightweight wood laminate with an exterior grade penetrating finish. Joined with exterior glue and stainless steel screws to prevent rusting. Harness leather handle. Adjustable Wet Painting Carriers will work well with the Panel Adapters to carry a variety of sizes.

9x12 measures 13.125" x 10.25" x 5.5" and weighs 4 lbs.
Stock #:181.12
MSRP: $119.99

12x16 measures 17.125" x 13.25" x 5.5" and weighs 5.5 lbs.
Stock #:181.16
MSRP: $149.99

Handy Porters™

Handy Porters™
For carrying and storing paintings. Very lightweight! Constructed of sturdy 4mm corrugated cardboard with an "angular channel" design in polystyrene to protect the edges of your artwork. Each box holds two stretched canvases or four panels. Perfect for keeping your paintings dust-free while drying. These convenient boxes are shipped flat with easy instruction for assembly and are available in 5x7,6x8, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14 and 12x16.

Stock #:355.5x7S
MSRP: $4.99

Stock #:355.6x8S
MSRP: $5.99

Stock #:355.8x10S
MSRP: $6.99

Stock #:355.9x12S
MSRP: $7.99

Stock #:355.11x14S
MSRP: $8.99

Stock #:355.12x16S
MSRP: $9.99

Plein Air Porter™

Plein Air Porter™
For panels or canvases up to 20" x 24". The Plein Air Porter is molded of dense, solvent-resistant expanded polystyrene and comes with a heavy-duty zippered shell that is tough and water resistant. Easy loading and unloading. Interlocking grooves protect your artwork from moisture and dust. Angular channel design protects the edges of your artwork from smudges and smears. The Plein Air Porter can accomodate 3 stretched canvases or 6 panels of the following sizes: 20 x 24", 16 x 20", or 18 x 24". Weighing only 3.5 pounds, it is easy to carry through crowded airports and can be checked as luggage worry-free. For auto travel, separate the top and bottom pieces to transport up to 24 9x12" panels. Exterior measures 24" x 27" x 9.5". Manufactured in the USA.
Stock #:354PAP
MSRP: $89.99

Plein Air Packer™

The Plein Air Packer™
Features two compartments measuring 14x14x3.5 divided by a removable panel. Works with any of our pochade boxes except the Large French Resistance™. Additional pouches will hold a water bottle, brushes, etc. Lower compartment is 14x7x2 and can be used for palette or panels. The straps on bottom will secure a tripod, stool or umbrella. Carry with handle, shoulder strap or backpack straps - all included! Outside dimensions: 16"x15.5"x6.5". Weighs 2lbs.
Stock #:3195
MSRP: $99.99